Omni Channel Contact Center Services

Today's customer interactions are more complex than ever. Consumers expect support in any channel they choose including voice, email, text, chat, social, video and more. Omni-channel contact center services can help provide a better customer experience.

Interra Networks Limited is a leading omnichannel contact center service provider and has experience and expertise in providing omnichannel contact center services to a global client.

Our Omnichannel Contact Centre Services Include:

Phone Support

We provide complete 24/7 live customer care service for your callers, using our extensive product knowledge to assist them in a secure interaction. We answer their questions, process their returns and exchanges, and solve problems of every kind. We deliver outstanding customers.

Chat Support

We provide solid chat support to your website visitors. We quickly respond to queries with personalized assistance and via chat, our Brand Specialists can interact with more than one customer at a time, reducing your costs without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience.

Social Media Support

We provide top notch social media management support across all social media channels to generate positive experiences that result in longer customer retention times. We will ensure that your brand image is portrayed in a favorable light and that all customer issues are professionally managed.

Email Support

We provide effective and efficient email support to your customers. We also meet your performance standards for email support, including response times, branding requirements, escalation rules and more.

Benefits of using our services

  • Interra Networks offers the most proficient call center services to clients
  • Customized for clients specific purpose and objectives
  • We have up-to-date technologies and tools and well-trained employees.
  • Our top-notch team are capable operators who can handle your customers effectively.
  • Our service is round the clock 24/7 with proficient and knowledgeable agents who will take care of your customer’s concern efficiently and handle high volume of calls

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services

The best way to satisfy your customers is by giving a fast and effective response to what they are looking for in a cheaper and more convenient way by letting them know you are available for them whenever the need arises. It makes a huge positive difference on the customer's trust in you. The best way to achieve this is by using Interra Networks Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services.
Interra Networks Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu for either self-service or speaking to a live agent.
Our IVR service reduces your cost per call by letting customers choose the type of help they want anytime or day.

Features of Interra IVR Services

Centralised IVR system

We make use of a unique technology that ensures interactions are accomplished in a consistent manner, streamlining and improving each customer’s experience, automatic call back, and easy to use across multiple contact centers.

Easy update of your IVR

Make routine updates to your IVR phone system using a friendly interface. Make immediate changes to your operating hours, and your system will notify callers appropriately.

Integrate with your CRM

Easily connect customer data with your call center by using our CRM integrations, You can update customers data to your CRM for enquiry and sales engagement, we make use of an IVR technology that can allow you access all of your customers data at the click of a button.

Benefits of Using Interra Interra IVR Services

Interra Networks IVR service brings to you our vast  experience in serving the call center industry and handling customers' requests across sectors and industries for over 15 years. Knowing the pulse of customer’s needs, we have devised our IVR services to deliver proven effective results in:
  • Professional voice recording
  • Customized for clients specific purpose and objectives
  • Affordable call rates
  • Reliable database storage of customer’s information
  • Smart and consistent software applications that make the process seamless for callers

Inquiry Handling Services

The measure of a reliable marketing strategy is how many customers will get interested in the products and/or services offered by a company but on the resources to process all customer inquiries and convert them to a steady stream of profits.

At Interra Networks we understand that Inquiry handling is a key function for an inbound call center service; that is why we offer top notch  inquiry handling services for startups and existing businesses.

We understand that companies like yours need reliability and stability when outsourcing your inquiry handling services. We offer organizations affordable outsourced inquiry handling services, handled by a team of our professional customer care agents . As part of our inbound call center services, our experienced agents can handle dynamic customer needs while handling in-depth enquiries about your company.

Get Top Enquiry services today with Interra Networks !!!

Interra Networks is a leading Inquiry Handling  service Company with dedicated call center agents. Our agents are equipped to deliver accurate product/service-related information to all customer enquiries which translate to better sales as your customers take the next step in purchasing a product or service after receiving a confident resolution to their enquiry. We excel in handling

Telephonic Inquiry Handling Services

We have a 150 Inbound Call Centre capacity facility  to address and resolve all your customer queries via phone by our expert call center agents.

Website and Chat Inquiry Handling Services

Our website enquiry team is skilled at answering customer questions and solving their issues with the help of modern tools.

Email Inquiry Handling Services

We at Interra Networks have a well dedicated customer support team that ensures a prompt response to customers emails with the necessary information as soon as possible.

Outsourced Inquiry Handling Services

As an experienced organization we can help you set up inquiry handling channels for both local and international organizations, with teams of call center agents who are extremely fluent in English for English speaking countries. 

Who can use Interra Networks Inquiry Handling Services?

FMCG Companies

Logistic Companies


Telecommunications Companies

Public/Government Institutions

Educational Institutions

Health Institutions


Market Research Firms

Features of Our Inquiry Handling Services

Our experience makes us stand out in handling different call center requirements for both local and international clients. Managing entire call-center lifecycles for several organizations, we have managed to develop industry-specific competencies which set us apart from most of our competitors, such as:

High-quality Training Modules

We build our training modules for the agents based on your requirements. The agents have the best training on your products and services until they perfect their delivery.

Latest Technology and Infrastructure

We build our training modules for the agents based on your requirements. The agents have the best training on your products and services until they perfect their delivery.

Instant Response Times

We leverage advanced analytics to ensure the response times of our agents keep getting better over time. Regular training allows them to perfect their delivery, ensuring customers almost always are satisfied with the answers to their enquiries.

Quality Monitoring

We place strict emphasis on overall call quality and have a QA team in place to ensure call quality is accurately tracked and feedback is provided to the agents for better results over time.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Inquiry Handling Service to us

  • We provide support based on request.
  • We provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports in any format of your choice
  • We strictly follow all SLA parameters and our average call handling times are usually within 2 to 3 minutes.
  • We offer 24/7 hours Call Centre Support.
  • We provide cost effective service while ensuring all your requirements are met.

Consumer Response Services

Consumer response is the reaction that can enable businesses to improve service delivery through  queries and activities of the customer.

Dealing with these queries intelligently is very important as small misunderstandings could convey a negative perception about your business. If you need a thorough, efficient, and diligent team working on managing your consumer response, look no further than Interra Networks .

Interra Networks consumer response service  is all you need to offer high-quality responses to customer queries and to significantly lower the chances of loss of business with your customers.

prioritise the urgent needs and complaints of consumers and resolve them at the earliest timeline. With our customer-sensitive team, we make sure that the root of every customer query is addressed and resolved timely.

Why is Interra Networks Limited the Best Consumer Response Service Provider for Your Business?

Interra Networks has gained hands-on experience and  reputation in offering the best consumer response services with no limits to distance and boundary. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose us:

Cost effective

Our consumer response services are highly affordable and ensure that you can effectively and efficiently handle all your consumer responses to ensure the highest levels of service.


At Interra Networks, our quick response team is always on its toes to manage consumer response with ease and efficiency so that they don't have to get stuck in a queue.

Highly Specialized Teams

At Interra Networks we have got dedicated and specialized teams of professionals who deliver impeccable services to our clientele.

Support Services

With Interra Networks Limited, you don't have to worry about taking care of any loose ends as our smart price packages offer complimentary support services to have you covered from all ends.

Order Management

Are you struggling with your current workload and require some professional assistance to help you with taking and processing orders?

Are you tired of having to waste precious time investing on setting up your own call center infrastructure? If this sounds like you, then our professional order taking service might just be the solution that you’ve been searching for.

Ensure that your customers can effortlessly make purchases from you over the phone with a quality order taking call center service from Interra networks where where our customer users experience is guaranteed

Benefits of Outsourcing your Order Taking Services to us

Here are some of the benefits you get using Interra Networks Limited Outsource order taking services;
  • We provide support based on request.
  • We provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports in any format of your choice.
  • We strictly follow all SLA parameters and our average call handling times are usually within 2 to 3 minutes.
  • We offer 24/7 hours Call Centre Support.
  • We provide cost effective service while ensuring all your requirements are met.

Virtual Assistance Service

Data Entry Virtual AssistantDelegate some of your service to a dedicated assistant and save time with Interra Virtual assistance service !!

Performing data entry tasks is a time-consuming process which could affect business productivity and it could cause ineffective performance. Relay on us for your data entry service and pay only for the work done without the burden of payroll, absenteeism, low accountability, and other hassles that accompany a full-time employee.

Quick glance at Interra Networks Data Entry Services offering ..

Virtual assistant for Data Analytic Services

 Our virtual assistants help you analyse the data you have trouble accessing and analyzing.

Data processing Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants handle data entry and processing without interrupting your workflow.

Virtual Assistant for Database Management Service

Interra virtual assistants use the best-known data management techniques to ensure consistent and superior maintenance of your data using the best data management strategies.

Preparing Data for Data Entry

We can extensively prepare data when required to avoid disruptions in its usability across the designated location

Reviewing Data

 Our virtual assistance will thoroughly review your data to ensure that it is accurate and reliable. 

Activity Tracking

Our data entry virtual assistant will maintain a detailed log of activities and ensure compliance with data integrity and security policies.

Generating Reports and Updating CRM

We can help you generate actionable reports in a timely manner from your CRM database. We can clear the clutter in your data management system and can create individualized reports with multiple views for hierarchical members.

Benefits of Using Data Entry Virtual Assistant from Interra Networks Limited

  • Pay Only for the work done
  • No Administrative Concerns
  • Quality Service
  • Zero Payroll Hassles
  • Efficiently manage your time and resources
  • Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks
  • Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace
  • High Data Confidentiality & Security

Claims Processing Services

Looking for a claims management services company to take charge of your entire business process? Odutsource claims management services to iNterra claims management to help you maximize returns and focus more on your core activities.

iNterra is among the leading claims processing companies, which provides high quality insurance claims processing outsourcing services that allows multiple claims to be handled quickly and efficiently in minimal time.

iNterra prepares claims on all lender acquired properties and ready them to be sent to your defaults management team for processing. Our back-office support for claims processing helps you maintain clear records and reports that can be tracked and audited in a timely manner.

Irrespective of the type of claims from an insurance  or mortgage claim , iNterra follows a time-tested procedure as part of their claims processing services. We have the flexibility in offering you customized solutions that can meet your needs pertaining to claims processing.
iNterra applies the technology and expert product knowledge to reduce claim severity, while ensuring your policyholder receives the correct settlement

Why You Should Choose Us

We offer our services on a no-win-no-fee basis to ensure every person, regardless of their financial circumstances, is accepted.
We offer error free claims processing as measured by the number of times it goes in iterations between the customer and the claims processing BPO. iNterra claims  processing service is promoted by staff with solid management experience and sound credentials who bring rich experience to the table.

Benefits of Claims Processing Service

  • Outsourcing claims processing services to Interra Networks and create spare time that can be devoted exclusively for business growth and development.
  • With all the back-end tasks and following up being done beyond office walls, you can focus on ironing out customer hassles (if any) or strengthening the bond with them.
  • Claims processing services increase your chances of recovering money for the claim filed
  • No need to invest in additional staff - the cost of outsourcing is far less when compared to local staff costs.