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Pre-Paid Calling Cards


Peezy is a virtual phone card. It is a pre-paid service that provides clear, convenient, secure, reliable and affordable calls all across the world from any phone in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Nigeria. Peezy is an example of how Interra Networks uses technology, focused marketing and excellent customer service to deliver unique products and services that the Diaspora demands.

Enjoy the Amazing features of Peezy

  • Peezy never gets lost, it’s virtual!
  • You don’t need a PIN number to call – we provide PIN less dialing
  • No hidden charges – we are a member of the Better Business Bureau; we will keep our word
  • No “disappearing” minutes – what you see is what you get
  • Transparent billing- easily accessed online, track how much you spend on international calls and see how much you save using Peezy!
  • Redial last number – simply dial 0# and your last dialed number will be redialed
  • You don’t need to run out to the convenience store – just click on the “SIGN ME UP” button
  • You never run out of minutes – use our convenient auto-charge option
  • iPhone, Android and Blackberry Apps- cheap and clear international calls in the palm of your hand
  • Get world class Customer Support – at Peezy you are a customer not just a $10 card. We aim to exceed your expectations.
  • Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter


  • Sign up (Make clickable to http://www.peezy.com/phone_signup.html ) – Just click on the “SIGN ME UP” button. Provide us with some account information (name, email address, phone number and a 4-digit PIN). We’ll send you a secure link to ensure your email is valid. Click on this link and using a credit or debit card, you can securely purchase a pre-paid account. Remember, we’ll give you an additional $2 free when you complete the sign up*
  • Download Mobile Applications and set up features- Download the iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications for free from their various app stores. Set up the features and dial directly from your dial pad, Phone book and call log
  • Start Talking- Just dial our Access number and enjoy clear and convenient calling.


  • International Calling
  • PIN less Dialing
  • Speed Dialing
  • Eezy Charge (Auto Recharge)
  • Peezy Plans
  • Peezy Points Rewards


You can reach us through any of these multi-channeled platforms Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm EST and 10am – 6pm EST on weekends.