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Interra Networks Limited

Business Process Outsourcing

With today’s competitive and global marketplace, companies and organizations are best suited at focusing on core competencies. While countries like India and the Philippines are the typical destinations for such services, Interra Networks has invested in the development of outsourcing in Nigeria and has experience in the Information Technology/ Business Process Outsourcing/ Business Process Management/Knowledge Process Outsourcing (IT/BPO/BPM/KPO) space in both the international as well as domestic market.

We operate a 150-seat Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) center located in Abuja, Lagos Nigeria and a 50 seat in Enugu to provide world-class BPO services to clients that demand quality services and competitive costs. We provide People, Processes and Technology to handle non-core functions for our clients so they can focus on what they are best suited to handle


  • Customer Care Services

    We provide customers with excellent customer’s service assistance with our years of experience.  Our services key features are as follows

    • Excellent Customer Experience
    • Supervisory Functions
    • Productivity Tools
  • Helpdesk Support
    We offer our clients help desk service built in ITIL practices that will help you solve all your customer service, technical and operational challenges. This is designed in such a way that no issue is left unresolved professionally. We assist enterprises to meet their strategic goals. We help our customers move beyond reactive incidence management to problem solving processes that deliver higher IT service.
  • Data Entry and Processing
    Our solution provides tailor-made and valuable data entry services across all verticals. We ensure that our clients are highly satisfied owing to our capabilities in meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Our operational strategies are focused on maximizing efficiency and ensuring a better customer experience.
  • Telemarketing
    We offer telemarketing service to help our customers and their businesses improve on their service deliverable. Our campaign is geared towards:

    • Selling customers product
    • Conduct market research & survey

We possess significant experience in service delivery with foreign and local clientele. Located in Abuja, Lagos, Enugu and other parts of Nigeria, our BPO Service helps take out the high risks and cost associated with providing any of the above-mentioned services and provides a cost-competitive alternative to other countries such as India and the Philippines.