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Interra Networks Limited

Network Infrastructure

To remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies must leverage on highly available, agile and physically secure networks to increase efficiency and profitability. In Interra Networks Limited, we fully understand the impact of network down-time to an organization’s workflow. We have therefore mastered the “Science” of designing, implementing and managing network infrastructural solutions that ultimately deliver reliable services to your customer.

Our network infrastructure solution stands as a framework that enables the functionality of an organization’s software applications, enabling network expansion at a cost-efficient rate. Our Networking service is sufficiently advanced and distinguishable from others. Our solution covers the following:

  • Network Design and Consulting
  • Structured Connectivity
  • High Speed Routing and switching
  • Data Center Services
  • Clean Power Solution
  • Environmental monitoring solution

Our competence in Network Infrastructure covers:

Networking Hardware:

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • LAN cards
  • Wireless routers
  • Cable
  • IP/PBX (IP Telephony)
  • E1 Setup

Networking Software:

  • Network monitoring and management solution
  • IOS
  • Firewall solutions
  • Windows Networking

We deliver our solutions around the leading manufacturers’ products and software, enabling our customers to have access to superior technology that lowers their investment risk. You also enjoy free training sessions from our professional network administrators before we hand over the fully installed and functional network to your company