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Interra Networks Limited

Software Development

Today’s businesses ensure that service delivery is seamless and user-friendly with distinct software applications. We offer high‐quality and cost‐effective Software development Services that meets our customer’s business needs. We leverage strongly on our capabilities & experience in system integration and multiple technology platforms, to bring you a range of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions and services.

We take pride in our Applications development team who possess proven expertise in second and third party system integration and have demonstrated this in projects for renowned public and private institutions in the country.


With the evolution of software and technology, we design, develop and deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the world and deliver optimal solutions with quality and services at reasonable prices. We deliver services in the following areas;

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  • Mobile App development

    The Mobile Development Team at Interra Networks is made up of competent, tried and tested set of developers with contemporary skills. The group of brilliant minds is tasked with the design and development of applications that enable clear information flow and management of data via simple, aesthetically pleasing graphical user interfaces (GUI) that provide clients value for reaching various user groups on mobile platforms.

    We have recorded great successes developing apps on the Android and the iOs platforms. Our solutions involve the development of well-designed mobile applications that would run on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. Practically, we can turn any application a user desires into a mobile friendly format.

    We have developed and are still developing several web applications that include:

    • Peezy Dialer
    • Peezy Mobile
    • SERMS Mobile
    • iNPay Mobile
    • Anjims Mobile
    • SMS Scheduler
  • E-commerce Solutions

    Our website design team will significantly improve the visual appearance of your E-commerce website and online store. We’re prepared to help your company find a solution that best suits your need(s).

  • Website /Web portal development and design

    Web development and design is our forte, we specialize in customizable and scalable web design solutions to accommodate business growth and expansion. The Interra website design team are readily available to provide a host of services that will create and boost your online presence. Being one of our core competencies, we focus on the development of fast-loading portals with a user-friendly interface, search engine optimization and progressive Content Management System.

    From the beginning, we provide the customer with services which ensure they get what they require to move their business forward. These services include:

    • Consulting
    • Design
    • Development
    • Industry-standard software engineering processes
    • Quality assurance
    • Integration with other platforms
    • Documentation and trainings
  • Enterprise Application integration

    We build responsive and flexible enterprise systems that respond real time to critical business requirements. We include efficient and accurate solutions that minimize disruption and cost and make organizations respond faster to changes in the market and increase overall client satisfaction. Our services include;

    • Data Integration
    • Platform Integration
    • Applications Integration
    • Business Process Integration
    • Payment Gateway Integration: Interra Networks is the leading Payment Gateway Integration Solution provider. Our payment gateway integration services have helped many clients provide different payment options on their websites, based on their business needs. Our team of professionals use a variety of technologies to ensure secure and fast payment transactions.
    • Payroll / Payment Solution: A web-based application that is built to automate and simplify the processing and handling of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses, and deductions.
    • School Records management solutions: An application specifically designed to help automate school’s processes with a view to helping save time and money as well as help improve administration and facilitate processes. SERMS -Be part of your wards success story!
    • Product Development: We develop and deploy highly flexible products that solve social and business challenges using custom programming and latest technologies.
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions: From Enterprise CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM to the Zanibal ERP, our enterprise application services are designed to help clients with their content management, workflow enhancement, document management and financial management.
    • Consulting: We offer real-world expertise and experience to help clients solve their business challenges.


Interra Software development team can assist you through the full software development cycle. We have delivered software projects for startups businesses, private and government institutions.

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