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Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing
(CATI) service

Do you want to build a meaningful questionnaire to interview your audience? Then using Interra  CATI services is the best way to get started.. Making use of a highly intuitive Computer-assisted or Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI)  improves the performance and quality of market research data collection by helping interviewers ask relevant and effective questions.

To stay relevant in the market, businesses need to identify areas for improvement and act on them accordingly. With INterra Network’s Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing(CATI) services, clients are assured of  rich and insightful data to help them understand how their marketing efforts are received by their consumers. We have extensive experience in conducting large telephonic interviews and delivering results in a timely manner. From market research to customer satisfaction surveys, using specialized technologies, and professional interviewers, we have worked with a variety of target audiences across industries.

Our advantage hinges on our agents being professional, courteous, and efficient agents in retrieving authentic, accurate, and quality information. They are trained depending on your requirements and procedures to provide a customized response to your customer, in an efficient manner.

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