Outbound Call Center Services

Debt Recovery/Collection Service

We are experts in debt recovery. Our experienced debt collectors deploy their skills to negotiate and persuade debtors to extract payments and in some case obtain installment payments where bullet repayment is not feasible.

iNterra is setting the standards in the collection industry with collections research, custom program design, technological advancements, personnel training, and most importantly, our commitment to customer service that is currently unparalleled. These distinct characteristics set us apart from our competitors and ensure that we will immediately improve your cash flow by virtually eliminating your delinquent receivables at the most competitive rates.

At iNterra, we help to streamline and improve your existing processes for debt collection while facilitating you with an experienced and courteous team of debt collection call center agents. With us on board, you can reduce the burden of bad debt, enhance existing cash flow, and achieve profitability while maintaining your brand image. We also understand that there is a need for a collections company that can help collect payments due since a long time and business-to-business debts and can help you collect the debt from such sources as well.
We have close to 200  professionals to handle fast, efficient and ethical collection services. With over 10 years of experience in the distressed-debt recovery industry, we’ve learnt how best to deal with clients and debtors in a fair manner.

Benefits of Outsourcing Debt Collection

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Our pricing rates are extremely customizable to suit your needs. Depending on the project complexity, call volumes, total number of hours required, and the level of skills requested, we can provide you with a pricing plan which fits your billing.
  • Our QC team always learns from the calls being made and ensures complete transparency of the processes. It also allows us to tweak our caller dashboards with new ideas to employ, especially when dealing with tough debtors.
  • Our diligent hiring process ensures only the best talent is assigned to your project. Our call center agents are hired through an intensive hiring and screening process and undergo months of training in order to deal with even the most complex customers.
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to your project who ensures that our support team is always ready to answer your queries. You also gain access to detailed reports accessible both online and offline through multiple devices.
  • We only take a fee if we collect. If our debt recovery service fails, no fee. What better incentive is there for a debt collection agency to work your files? Collecting money is our bread and butter and we know that we need to collect accounts in order to profit.