Electronic Document Management System

Documents are valuable assets and they must be managed and protected. The nature of your business might mean you generate a massive paper trail for every client you serve. That adds up to a lot of paper that you have to store and maintain. The Interra Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) provides you with a complete electronic filing solution that scans, stores, and retrieves your documents when and how you need them quickly and easily. We provide affordable and reliable EDMS for both public and private sector organizations in Nigeria. Interra helps customers design, deploy and manage their Document Management Solution at a reduced cost, risk and complexity by managing the entire process for you from vision to final deployment. We are readily available to help you map out a strategy!

Enjoy The Following Features Of The EDMS

Using a short code number as one the access channels with which your customers can engage you to make requests or lay complaints on issues will provide the following benefits:
  • Scan directly into your DMS
  • Easily manage and access documents electronically.
  • Ensure an organized and secure means of document storage and sharing.
  • Enjoy a synchronized and standard workflow process.
  • Enable simultaneous and secure document access
  • Enjoy a complete backup of all your paper files

Benefits of The EDMS

  • Instant information access: Never make a customer wait because you have to search for their paperwork. Locate documents in seconds without ever leaving your desk. And never lose a document again.
  • Reclaim valuable office space: Rapidly revolving laws, regulations and technologies are giving electronic documents the same legal and regulatory standing as paper. Preserve your documents, lose the file cabinets.
  • Reduced labor costs Eliminate non-value tasks like filing, copying and searching for lost or misfiled documents.
  • Minimized postage, printing and copying expenses Authorized staff can access your documents electronically, so you no longer need multiple copies floating around. Automatically archive daily, monthly, and annual reports without printing.
  • Complete disaster recovery Did you ever wonder what you would do if you had a fire that destroyed all your paper files? Protect your documents and your business against loss due to fire, flood or other disasters, and still keep all of your critical documents onsite, right at your fingertips.
Organizations who utilize our EDMS solutions are cutting costs, reducing downtime, and enjoy instant access to vital information. It’s time you joined them!