Peezy is a virtual phone card. It is a prepaid service that provides clear, convenient, secure, reliable and affordable calls all across the world from any phone in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Nigeria. Peezy is an example of how Interra Networks uses technology, focused marketing and excellent customer service to deliver unique products and services that the Diaspora demands.

International Calling
PIN less Dialing
Speed Dialing
Eezy Charge (Auto Recharge)
Peezy Plans
Peezy Points Rewards
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Managing your client relationships and improving your sales efficiency has never been easier!

Most organizations have relegated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications to a case or complaint Management for customer service unit. But our (CRM) solution is tailored to deliver your organization with a 360 degree insight to the customer profile. Technically the CRM should be designed to collect data generated from the interaction with your customers and reproduce this data in the form of customer insight for the sales and service unit of your organization.  Consequently, it is an imperative tool for every sales organization that desires effective customer retention and customer acquisition

Vanity Numbers

Get Nigeria Toll-Free Numbers and Non-Toll-Free Numbers.Voice connection remains the most effective and prevailing tool for businesses to turn inquiries into revenue. No matter what size or in what stage of growth your business is, having an easy to remember smart number helps you connect with prospects and customers.

We offer our clients value-added and enhanced telecommunication services to enable businesses to achieve their goal of generating revenue and improving customer experience.We leverage strongly on our expertise and superior customer service to provide businesses with the assets they need to improve marketing effectiveness, generate revenue and build long term brand loyalty.
Vanity number is a Toll Free (0800)/ (0700) Non-Toll-Free easy to remember telephone number which a subscriber requests for, for business or personal use. It helps build your business image and credibility while giving customers an easy way to remember your phone number. The 0800 cost is borne by the subscriber (you) while the 0700 number is borne by the caller, that is, the customer of your business. Are you looking to improve your brand visibility and customer service?

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Amfani is a Human Resource Management System that enables the effective and efficient matchmaking of applicants to jobs by providing a variety of tools and resources for both applicants and employers. It seeks to make the job hunting and recruitment process easier, intuitive and effective for both would-be applicants and organizations that are looking for quality candidates to fill available positions. The platform also offers various Human Resource modules to help HR departments properly manage employee records, payroll, leave management among others. Amfani is the go-to Human Resource Management system for business-driven and people-focused Human Resource professionals.
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